Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chat with Brett Johnson

Last wednesday in class we talked to Brett Johnson. He is an author of the Better World Handbook, which we are using in our class. He is a professor at Luther college where Tom (our teacher) went to college. The chat was really imformative and gave me a whole new perspective on the book itself. He explained the process of how the book came to be, after it was published and the book tour they went on. I'm glad he did because I found the facts about the book being made out of 100% recycled paper and that the profits went to charity. This just shows that they are standing behind what they are talking about in their book.
The video chat in itself was a fun experience. This class is fun because Tom has good ways to keep the class interested. I think more classes on campus should use the resources that are out there now such as video chat. The chat was very insightful and I'm glad our classes were able to experience talking to Brett.

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