Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 4 Foundation #3 Ecological Sustainability

This foundation talks about resource overconsumption, pollution, global warming, and overpopulation. Overconsumption talks about the natural resources we use are over consumed all over the world. Pollution talks about the dumping of our garbage and pollution of the air. Global warming talks about how we should reduce our emissions into the atmosphere. Overpopulation talks about how the population of the world and how it has grown over the past decade.

The fact that surprised me the most in the reading is that the US federal automobile fuel efficiency standards have not been raised since 1985, this is over 20 years. This surprised me because first 20 years is a long time for nothing to change with fuel considering the price and how much we use has changed I’m sure in those past 20 years.

On campus you can definitely see problems with pollution since you can see garbage on the ground pretty much everywhere you go. For some reason people feel the trash will just end up where it’s supposed to be I guess. That is not true. Unless it is something like a banana peel it’s not just going to breakdown into the soil. Another issue I see is the how much paper is thrown away. Almost 75% of students read the daily but how many of them are recycled not thrown away?

To fix some of these issues on campus we could have recycling bins on campus as well as the trashcans. There are groups on campus that go and clean up the campus by walking and picking up garbage. Personally I think a lot of these issues need to be dealt with by ourselves. If we all would just take the time to think about how much of some natural resources we use, we could all cut back a little at a time.

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